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IPSC Nyheter : Stöd Nederländerna – nästa gång kan det gälla oss(?)
Skriven av admin på 2012-03-31 (1279 läsningar) Nyheter från samma författare
IPSC Nyheter

I Nederländerna skall regeringen om några veckor rösta om att förbjuda IPSC-skytte

För att visa ditt stöd att fortsätta tillåta IPSC i Nederländerna kan du skriva på en namninsamling (nästa gång kan det vara Sveriges tur).

Följ instruktionerna (och länken) i nedanstående meddelande för att skriva på.

Dear fellow IPSC shooters and friends,

As many of you have heard already, IPSC shooting (in fact all Dynamic shooting disciplines) are about to be prohibited in the Netherlands!
This new law will be voted on in a matter of weeks, and if it passes – will mean the end of our sport in Holland, and who knows – this decision may well spread quickly across the EU.

As you can imagine, the NPSA (the Dutch IPSC organization) is mobilizing every possible resource to fight this unjust proposed law, but it is a desperate battle. The odds are stacked against us.

We need your help!

There is a petition being signed (online) which will be submitted along with other material as we try to make our case for our sport.
You can help by going online and signing this petition. The more signatures we have, the better.
Please also take a moment to forward this email to anyone you can think of who could generate more signatures, your shooting range, your club, your federation, your local gunsmiths who may be able to send it on to their mailing list. Post it online on any website you have access to.
We want to show that IPSC is a serious sport, with thousands of participants worldwide.

Please take a minute to log onto this site: petites.nl

Scroll down, where it says “Ik” – you fill in your name
- Where it says ”wonede te” you fill in your city and country.
- Tick the checkbox if you want to allow your name to be shown on the list.
- Enter your email address
- And click the yellow box “ondertekenen” to sign the petition.

Many thanks for your participation in our fight.

Best Regards,
Saul Kirsch
General Manager
Double-Alpha Academy B.V.

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